Complete Microbiology Gnm Nursing 1st Year Notes PDF Free For 2022.

Download Microbiology GNM Nursing 1st-Year Complete PDF Notes for Free. These Microbiology pdf Notes are made according to the syllabus so, you can take full advantage of these notes in your exams, also these Microbiology Gnm 1st Year pdf Notes will help you to understand the complex topics of Microbiology in easy languages.

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Microbiology GNM Nursing
Complete Microbiology Gnm Nursing 1st Year Notes PDF Free For 2022.

Design this course to help the students to gain knowledge and also help to understand basic concepts of Microbiology and Know about the Microbiology GNM nursing 1st Year Syllabus.

For better understanding, We provided Gnm Nursing 1st year Microbiology Notes Pdf, So, you can quickly get Gnm First-year full Notes from our site

Download Topic-wise Microbiology GNM Nursing 1st Year Notes

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Highlighted Topics

In the field of Nursing, the most important subject is microbiology for gnm 1st year syllabus. Reading this subject students are aware of microorganisms, structure-function etc. Students can get more knowledge from microbiology notes gnm 1st year.

History and Scopes

Microbiology is a branch of the science which deals with the functions, economic importances, structure and classes of the living microorganisms. This is one of the exciting and ever-developing fields of science with greater scopes as the microbes are playing a major role in our daily life.

Classification, Method and Structure

reproduction is biological process by which an organism reproduces an offspring that is biologically similar to an organism. This enables and ensure of the continuity of the species, after generation, this is the main feature of life on the earth.

Mainly two types of major reproduction: 1. Asexual Reproduction 2. Sexual Reproduction Pathogenesis and Common Diseases, Normal Flora, Culture And Isolation of Microbes are important topics. You will get this point from the microbiology Gnm nursing 1st-year pdf note.

Transmission of Cycle

The spread of various types of infection can be described as a chain with six links  1. Portal of Entry. 2. Susceptible Host 3. Infectious Agent 4. Reservoir 5. Mode of Transmission 6. Portal of exit There are also some important topics Various Factors Affecting Growth of Microbes, Nosocomial Infection, Mechanism of Resistance in the infection and its transmission chapter.


Immunity is a system that protects the body against various infectious diseases. Immunity is three types innate, adaptive, and passive immunity. Innate immunity included barriers, such as mucous membranes and skin, that keeps the harmful substances from entering the body.

Adaptive immunity is creating a response to being infected with or vaccinated against a microorganism.

 Passive immunity occurs when any person receives antibodies to disease from his or her own immune system. This immunity provides immediate protection but only lasts a few weeks or months.

Autoimmunity And Hypersensitivity, Immunoprophylaxis, and Uses of Serological Tests are all the important points of this chapter.

Staining Technique

bacteria is microscopic organism. Most of the parts of bacteria have colourless. In order to visualize them to study their shape, structure and structural characteristics to make them more easily visible.

Introduction of Staining Technique
Types of Staining Technique
Method of Staining
Bacterial Seamer Preparation
Simple Staining
Gram Staining
Staining of Spores we covered all Gnm nursing note as well as microbiology notes for medical Students(staining) in this article.

How Many Textbooks of Microbiology for GNM in 1st Year

1st Year GNM Nursing Microbiology Textbook Pack of 4 Books Anatomy Psychology & Microbiology’ Nursing Foundation’ Community Health Nursing-I’ Psychology & Sociology { As Per INC Syllabus }

What is the Scope of Microbiology in the Nursing?

Microbiology helps the nursing professional person to understand the basic concepts of reproduction, morphology, genetics and biochemical characteristics. Microbiology helps our society be aware of the new diseases and the modern molecular identification methods.

Why Microbiology is Important in the Health study?

Microbiology is help to the treatment and prevents diseases that are caused by viruses, protozoa, bacteria, and fungi. In medicine, for example, microbiology leads to the discovery and the development of Antibiotics, and. Vaccines. That’s why microbiology for Gnm nursing students is important.

What are the 5 branches of microbiology?

Branches of Microbiology
Bacteriology: the study of the bacteria.
Immunology: the study of the immune system. …
Nematology: the study of the nematodes
Mycology: the study of the fungi, such as yeasts and moulds.
Parasitology: the study of the parasites. …
Phycology: the study of the algae.

Why is microbiology so hard?

Microbiology is a hard subject due to the study of very detailing each topic and requiring you to remember lots of the facts about microscopic organisms, morphologies and modes of action. Without getting some basic knowledge of biology and chemistry, or the ability to memorize all things easily, you’ll feel slightly hard microbiology Gnm Nursing as well as the Nursing.

Is microbiology a medical course?

Microbiologists’ study helps in diagnosis, treatment and prevention. They focus on how fungi, viruses, bacteria and parasites affect the overall health of human beings With a Master in Medical Microbiology, Students also learn the different characteristics of the pathogens and how the infections grow and then transmit.

Why do you need microbiology for nursing?

Nurses must have sufficient education and training in microbiology to perform many roles in the clinical nursing practice (e.g. administering antibiotics, collecting specimens, preparing specimens for the transport and delivery, educating patients and families, communicating results to the healthcare team, and developing.

What is microbiology definition in nursing?

Microbiology is the study of the characteristics of tiny, living things, and the way to affect the world. These tiny microbes are affected by either application or disease. Microbiology helps detect the negative and positive outcomes of the microbes’ work.


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