Free Sociology Notes Pdf Download for Nursing-2022

Download Sociology Notes pdf free for the GNM Nursing 1st Year Students. These Sociology pdf Notes are made according to the syllabus so, you can take full advantage of these notes in your exams also these Sociology 1st Year Notes will help you to understand the complex topics of Sociology in easy languages.

So, you can better understand topics and score good marks on the exams. Some of the Students are Searching for Sociology notes in Hindi, and some the searching for sociology handwritten notes pdf download. So, we can try to provide the best GNM first-year full notes from our site.

Here we have not provided only the GNM Nursing Sociology notes pdf; we have also offered Best GNM Nursing 1st Year Notes. Start Downloading the Sociology GNM 1st year notes pdf and start happy learning.

Free Sociology Notes Pdf Download for 1st year
Free Sociology Notes Pdf Download for 1st year

Design this course to help the students to gain knowledge and also help to understand Sociology concepts. For better understanding, we provided a sociology notes pdf where you can quickly get all the sociology notes for GNM 1st year pdf format.

Topicwise Sociology Notes Pdf Download For GNM Nursing 1st Year.

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Some of the students search How to read sociology notes online, So Mynursingtips is the best site that provides the best sociology notes pdf. Besides, it provides an online reading system.

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Definition– Sociology can be defined as, this is a study of social life, institutions and social causes, Social changes, and the consequences of human behaviour. Sociologists are trying to find the structure of groups, societies, and an organization, and they try to know how people interact within these contexts.

Use of the Sociology for the Nurses

Sociology plays an essential role in the health care profession, and nurses have a common goal to prevent illness

Sociology study is essential for nurses due to the following causes

  • Sociology helps the nurses to understand human behaviour, hierarchy,  conflicts, people thinking, and Inter-Personal relationships.
  • Nurses also understand groups and adapt to the different people working in hospitals.
  • The Nurse gets all information about the socio-cultural life from Sociology.
  •  To study the structure of the family, community, and society.
  • Its help to understand the characteristics of social relationship and their impact on health care.

A family is a group of persons combined by the ties of marriage, adoption and blood. The family is the smallest and the most powerful unit of the social Organization. It is the permanent and the most diffusivities of all the social institutions.


  • A family is a Universal group. It is found in the form of all types of societies whether modern or primitive.
  • A family is based on marriage, that results in a mating relationship between the two adults of the opposite sex.
  • Every family gives an individual name, and therefore, it is a source of the nomenclature
  • A family is a group through which origin can be traced.
  • Family is an essential part of any individual’s life.
  • Family is the primary socialization of an individual.

The function of the Family

  • Family provides an individual identity of a person.
  • The family is responsible for the production and breeding of the children
  • Family is an essential agent of socialization.
  • Family is a necessary agent for cultural transmission.
  • Culture is dispatched from one generation to another generation through the family.


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