Best Syllabus of GNM Nursing in 2022 With PDF Download Link

GNM Syllabus 2022:The first priority is to properly understand the Syllabus of GNM Nursing after being admitted to the GNM course. GNM Nursing is a three-year diploma course in the field of paramedical Education. This course deals with the health care needs of the family and the community. The main target to pursue this course is to prepare the nurses to work in different healthcare sectors.

Here MyNursingTips provided complete details about the syllabus of GNM Nursing. If you are going to make build your career in Nursing so check out this article syllabus for GNM Nursing and download the syllabus of GNM Nursing Pdf from the end of the post where you will get the download link.

Syllabus of GNM Nursing
Best Syllabus of GNM Nursing in 2022 With PDF Download Link

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Download GNM Nursing Syllabus 2022 – In Details

Here our team mentioned all the topics included in the academic course of the GNM Nursing in 2022. Mynursingtips also offer the G.n.m Nursing Syllabus in pdf format. You can easily download the Gnm 1st year syllabus to Gnm 3rd year syllabus.

GNM Syllabus

As you know that GNM is a Three Year diploma course with six months internship in the Nursing field. This programme course is designed to prepare the nurses who will deal with the different health care sectors. After completing this diploma course candidates can go for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

So check out the year wise syllabus of GNM Nursing course with details information on course subjects below.

Syllabus of GNM Nursing 1st year
✶Anatomy and physiology
Fundamentals of Nursing
First Aid
✶Community Health Nursing-1
Environment Hygiene
✶Health Education and Communication Skills
✶Computer Education
GNM 2nd year Syllabus
✶Medical-Surgical Nursing- I
Medical-Surgical Nursing- II
✶Mental Health Nursing
Child Health Nursing
✶Midwifery and Gynecological Nursing
Gynaecological Nursing
✶Community Health Nursing-II
✶Nursing Education
Introduction to Research
✶Professional Trends and Adjustment
Nursing Administration and Ward management

Syllabus for GNM 1st Year 2022

You have followed the major topics in the Syllabus for Gnm nursing first-year.

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Microbiology
  • Sociology
  • Fundamentals of Nursing
  • Psychology
  • First Aid
  • Community Health Nursing-1
  • Environment Hygiene
  • Health Education
  • Communication Skills
  • Nutrition
  • Computer Education
  • English

let’s check in detail the Gnm Syllabus 1st year 2022.

TopicsDetails Topics /Chapter
Anatomy and physiology Introduction to anatomical terms
✶Introduction to the detailed structure of the body
✶The Circulatory system
The Lymphatic System
✶The Respiratory System
The Digestive System
✶The Excretory System
The Endocrine System
✶The Reproductive System
The Nervous System
✶The Sense Organs
The Skeleton System
✶The Muscular System
Infection and its transmission
Control and destruction of Microbes
✶Microscope Practical Microbiology
Staining Technique Practical
Psychology✶Definition, nature and scope of psychology
Structure of Minds
✶Psychology of Human Behavior
✶Thinking and Reasoning
Observation and Perception
✶The Family
✶The Community
Fundamental of NursingIntroduction to Nursing
✶Nursing care of the patient
Meeting the Basic Needs of a patient
✶Assessment of patient/client
Infection control
✶Therapeutic Nursing Care
Introduction to Clinical Pharmacology
First AID✶Introduction to First AID
Procedures and Techniques in First Aid
✶First Aid in the emergencies
Community Emergencies & Community Resources
Community Health Nursing✶Introduction to Community Health
Community Health Nursing
✶Health Assessment
Principles of Epidemiology and the Epidemiological Methods
✶Family Health Nursing Care
Family Health Care Settings Home Visit
Referral System
✶Records and the Reports
Minor Ailments
Environmental & The Hygiene✶Introduction
Environmental Factors Contributing to the Health
✶Community organisations to promote environmental health
Health Education And The Communication Skills Communication Skills
✶Health Education
✶Methods and the Media of Health Education
Classification of Food
✶Normal Dietary Requirements
Food Preparation, Preservation & Storage
✶Therapeutic Diet
Community Nutrition
✶Preparation of diet
English ✶Grammar
✶Spoken English
Computer EducationIntroduction to computers and Disk Operating System
✶MS Office
✶Use of internet and e-mail

Syllabus of GNM Nursing 2nd Year

In this G.n.m Nursing syllabus, Students have to study the following topics

  • Medical-Surgical Nursing- I
  • Medical-Surgical Nursing- II
  • Mental Health Nursing
  • Child Health Nursing

let’s check in detail the Syllabus for Gnm 2nd year in 2022.

TopicsDetails Topics /Chapter
Medical-Surgical Nursing- IIntroduction
✶Nursing assessment
The pathophysiological mechanism of disease
✶Altered Immune Response
Fluid and Electrolyte Balance and Imbalance
✶Operation theatre Techniques
Management of Patients Undergoing Surgery
✶Management of Patient with Impaired Gaseous alternate and Respiratory function.
Nursing Patients management with the Gastro-Intestinal Disorders
✶Nursing management of Patients with Metabolic and the Endocrinal Disorder.
Nursing management of Renal and Urinary Disorders
✶Patients management with the neurological disorder
Nursing management of the Patient with Connective Tissue and the Collagen Disorders
✶Nursing management of the elderly
Medical-Surgical Nursing- II✶Oncology Nursing
Nursing Management of patients with disorders Breast
✶Nursing Management of patients with diseases and disorders of integumentary systems.
Ophthalmology And Ophthalmic Nursing
✶Nursing Patients Management with the Diseases and Disorders of Throat, Nose and Ear.
Nursing Management of the Patient with cardiovascular, circulatory and Hematological disorders
✶Nursing Management of Patients with communicable diseases
Patients Management with the Sexually Transmitted disease.
The Nursing Management of Patients with the diseases and musculoskeletal disorders
Emergency Management
✶Emergency and Disaster Nursing
Mental Health NursingIntroduction
✶History of Psychiatry
Mental Health Assessment
✶Therapeutic nurse-patient relationship
Mental Disorders and Nursing Interventions
✶ Bio – Psycho & Social Therapies
Community Mental Health
✶Psychiatric Emergencies and Crisis Intervention
Forensic Psychiatry / Legal Aspects
Child Health Nursing✶Introduction
Growth & Development
✶The sick child
Disorders and health problems of a Child
✶ Children with congenital disorders
Children with various disorders and diseases
✶ Child welfare services

Syllabus of GNM Nursing 3rd Year with Internship

  • Midwifery and Gynecological Nursing
  • Gynaecological Nursing
  • Community Health Nursing-II
  • Internship
    1. Nursing Education
    2. Introduction to Research
    3. Professional Trends and Adjustment
    4. Nursing Administration and Ward management

So, let’s check the Syllabus for Gnm’s 3rd year with an internship in 2022.

TopicsDetails Topics /Chapter
Midwifery and Gynecological Nursing✶Introduction
Reproductive system
✶Embryology and foetal development
Normal pregnancy and its management
✶Normal labour and its management
Management of newborn
✶Management of normal puerperium
Management of complications during pregnancy
✶Management of high-risk labour
Management of complications of puerperium
✶High risk and sick newborn
Obstetric operations
✶Drugs used in obstetrics
Ethical and legal aspects related to midwifery
Gynaecological Nursing✶Introduction
✶Fertility and infertility
Pelvic infections
✶Gynaecological disorders
Breast disorders
Community Health Nursing-II Health care delivery system
✶Health Information System
Health planning in India
✶Specialized community health services and nurse’s role
National health problems
✶National Health programme
Demography and family welfare
✶Health Team
Health Information System
✶Health Agencies
Nursing Education
✶Teaching-learning process
 Methods of teaching
Introduction to ResearchIntroduction
✶Research process
Research approaches and designs 
✶Data collection process
Analysis of data
✶Introduction to statistics
Utilization of research in nursing practice
Professional Trends and AdjustmentNursing as a profession
✶Professional ethics
Personal and Professional Development
✶Legislation in Nursing
Profession and related organizations
Nursing Administration and Ward managementIntroduction
✶Management process
Administration of hospital/department/ unit/ ward
✶Management of equipment supplies.
Cost and financing of health care


Most of the students are comfort feel on online reading but some of the students are want to download the Gnm Nursing syllabus pdf, they not happy with online reading. So you can easily download the Gnm syllabus pdf from the below link. Not only does the Syllabus of Gnm Nursing MyNursigTips provides a separate Gnm Nursing 1st year syllabus Pdf, Gnm nursing 2nd year syllabus pdf and Gnm 3rd year syllabus pdf.

Syllabus of GNM Nursing:

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How many books in GNM 1st year?

In the syllabus of 1st-year GNM nursing books are:
1. Anatomy and Physiology
2. Microbiology
3. Sociology
4. Fundamentals of Nursing
5. Psychology
6. First Aid
7. Community Health Nursing-1
8. Environment Hygiene
9. Health Education
10. Communication Skills
11. Nutrition
12. Computer Education
13. English

What is Basic of GNM Nursing?

GNM Nursing is a 3-year and 6 months diploma course. This course prepares the students to improve their aptitude for nursing and provide the required knowledge and skills to give extensive nursing care to patients for all types of illnesses.

Can arts Students do GNM nursing in 2022?

Definitely, art students can pursue GNM Nursing. Admission to GNM Nursing Students should have passed the 12 standard or equivalent examinations with English as one subject, a minimum of 40% number need for admission to Gnm nursing. SC and ST students are eligible for application with pass marks.


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